10 ways #ONEChampions define what it means to be a New African Woman

10 ways #ONEChampions define what it means to be a New African Woman


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African Women have been instrumental in shaping African society and are a vital force for development – as leaders, mothers, entrepreneurs, consumers, employers and employees.

This year ONE joins the New African Woman Forum (NAWF) bringing together female leaders from business, academia and civil society, as well as key decision-makers from the public and private sectors. The aim is to find innovative solutions and strategies to enable a sustainable transformative growth in Africa.

The Forum invited our amazing ONE Champions from Nigeria to add their voices to the NAWF video campaign explaining why they consider themselves New African Women or how they would define the New African Woman. Here are their inspiring responses:

“The new African woman is a strong girl.” – Victoria Akai

“I love being African.” – Oyeronke Oyebanji

“I will support any woman to become the new African woman.” – Philip Oluwayemi

“I want to encourage other young women to be the best they can be.” – Nwosu Chinwe Laura

“There is no limit to what African women can achieve.” – Simeon Christian Chukwu

“I am not afraid to be a strong woman, I know my worth.” – Georgina Halliday

“The new African woman is resilient.” – Amb. Emmanuel Gabari

“The new African woman is not afraid to push beyond boundaries that have held women back.” – Celestina Obiekea

“The new African woman knows her self-worth!” – Owoicho Apochi Nelson

“I encourage my fellow African women to join me as a ONE Champion. Let’s take back our power!” – Imo Chinasa

We won’t end extreme poverty without empowering women.

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