I am here, I am  in …. To Make Naija Stronger

I am here, I am in …. To Make Naija Stronger

Today Lagos is sending an important message to Abuja. Save lives. We all said as we launched the #MakeNaijaStronger Public Service Announcement (PSA entitled I am in … to make Naija Stronger). I was joined by my friends who are amongst the most  talented and patriotic Nigerians I know  including: Yemi Alade, Kate Henshaw, Honourable Desmond Elliot, Toolz, Ali Nuhu, Basketmouth. We all spoke with one voice and are calling on all Nigerians to join the fight against preventable deaths and illnesses by demanding that our government invest more in our  health system.

I am a proud Nigerian! Our nation offers a unique flavour to the world, we are gifted in many ways! I however cannot ignore that we have a common problem in our backyard which is escalating, a health and nutrition  crisis.

This crisis in our health system has a negative impact on us all, it doesn’t care if you are a big musician or a street vendor. When you are struck by a health problem, the services that exist  are unaffordable and not everyone can afford to travel abroad.

If you haven’t yet been affected, I am sure like me you know of a friend, cousin, sister, brother, father, mother or even an innocent baby who was a victim. I have been a victim. My grandmother was ill and needed immediate medical attention. Instead of the ambulance team rushing her off to the clinic, they spent about an hour disputing the price of the ambulance fare with us. This is not right. There are worse situations which have taken place out there which led to lives being lost.

How many more families have to go through the trauma of losing loved ones before we act… To the government I say, ‘don fold our hands {Pidgin: don’t disappoint us}’ and invest in our health system, the fact that about 158 women die of childbearing every single day in this country is a problem. This fact actually scares me.

This is not a fight that can be fought individually, we need to raise to the occasion together. We must fight for our beloved nation. The strength of our nation rests in its people’s health. A healthy Nigeria makes a wealthy Nigeria. Are you in… to make Naija stronger?

Join me, Toolz, Hon. Desmond Elliot, Kate Henshaw, Basketmouth, Ali Nuhu, Yemi Alade and the thousands who have come together to send a powerful message to #MakeNaijaStronger. Sign the petition to Make Naija Stronger


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