Cindy Beedie

Director of Philanthropy, Beedie Development

Cindy Beedie is an active, compassionate community leader and philanthropist. Her devotion to humanitarian causes deepened after having firsthand experiences witnessing some of the world’s largest refugee camps. She’s witnessed the humanitarian crisis in Dadaab, Kenya with ONE, at Zaatari in Jordan, and at Elpida Home for Refugees in Greece with the Radcliffe Foundation. Each has been a life-changing experience that left her “heartbroken, overwhelmed, humbled, and inspired to help.”

Her desire to support children and families caught in humanitarian crises and need inspires Cindy’s philanthropic work internationally. This work follows decades of charitable commitment locally in her home community of Vancouver, British Columbia. Beedie is currently spearheading a $10 million campaign to provide housing and childcare for women in British Columbia wanting to pursue higher education and return to work.

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