The 2016 ONE Africa Award

2016 ONE Africa Award
The 2016 ONE Africa Award recognises Africa-driven; Africa led advocacy efforts that have demonstrated success at community, national or regional level. It aims to recognise, reward, and advance the exceptional work of organisations, founded by Africans and based in Africa, dedicated to helping Africa achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. The $100,000 award will bring recognition to innovative African efforts to fight poverty and will incentivise more of such efforts.

2016 Winner: Connected Development (CODE)

CODE is a Nigerian based  advocacy organisation with a mission to empower marginalized communities by improving access to information  needed to better local public services. CODE have won the 2016 award as they have  proven that they can effectively wield their expertise to empower local communities to claim funds that have been appropriated to them. Through these activities, CODE has contributed to reducing poverty in target communities by boosting citizen participation in governance. CODE have also been successful in achieving wins in the fight against corruption in Nigeria.

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